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Author Topic: Upgrading CMS from v2 to v3

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Upgrading CMS from v2 to v3
OP: May 19, 2022, 08:18:14 PM
Version 3 is a major update that includes a massive amount of changes and improvements. This post is intended as a general guide for those that want to upgrade an existing install from v2 to v3.

Before carrying out any upgrade always make sure to backup your files and data!

Changes to Template Tags

All template tags in v3 now begin with "cms-" so for example the {page_content} tag used in version 2 page templates needs to be changed to {cms-page-content} for v3. Tags now use hyphens instead of underscores and some can optionally be used as class names too. You can check the user manual in the docs folder of the CMS install for a run down of all the template tags.

Config File

The config.php file is now located in the sys folder. Previously it was located in the scripts folder. If you have a modified config file make sure to use the new one included in the download and edit it as needed instead of using a config file from an older version. Some options that were previously set in the config file such as enabling friendly URLs are now done through the admin area instead.

Other upgrade tips will be added to this post if/as they pop up.
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