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Author Topic: Stock quantity

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Stock quantity
OP: July 21, 2015, 08:48:07 AM

I recently started to use XT-CMS for a webshop.
I discovered that it is not possible to change stock quantity.
I can not initialize the quantity when adding a product or change it after receiving new supplies.
Also it is not possible to automatically change the stock quantity after selling an item in the webshop.

I have already asked XTOM about it and this was his reaction:
"It would probably take a while to implement stock control because of product options which complicates things. Each product added can potentially represent many different products with different cross selections of product options, so this makes it more complicated to implement a proper stock control. At his moment I'm not sure when this will be added and there is no workaround. If you would like to leave feedback on how you would like to see this feature implemented please do."

I would like to who else feels like this is a problem.

Does someone knows how to tackle this problem?
I don't use product options myself and for me it is no problem to loose product options and have stock control for it in exchange.

So it perhaps an option to have a choice with products?
Choose either product options or stock control?

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