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Author Topic: v1.9.1 Released

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v1.9.1 Released
OP: October 23, 2015, 11:20:57 AM
A new version 1.9.1 of the cms has been released. This fixes a few issues from the recent 1.9 update.  To download this latest version log into your account or download the trial version from the cms demo/trial page.

v 1.9.1

* Friendly url parser is now case insensitive eg. "/MyPage/" will go to "/mypage/" instead of page not found
* Fixed bug that would not allow status to be change on a mailing
* Can now modify subject and body in a mailing as long as it has not completed sending
* Fixed shipping option zones_by_country was using billing country instead of delivery country
* Fixed delivery country field on checkout form could reset when going back to edit
* Fixed incomplete <tr> tag on checkout page
* Fixed balance amount shown in user account area was not taking part paid orders into account
* Fixed usergroup admin permissions not working
* Removed redundant modify links/column from users page - clicking name goes to same page
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