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Author Topic: v1.9.0 Released

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v1.9.0 Released
OP: September 28, 2015, 02:41:27 PM
A new version 1.9.0 of the cms has been released. To download this latest version log into your account or download the trial version from the cms demo/trial page.

v 1.9.0

* Default cms.css now sets max-width: 100%; height: auto; for content images (big images downsizing for mobile layouts)
* update_templates.php can now handle multiple _htm_files xara folders in the same theme folder (previously only one)
* Category image assigning added - now possible to assign different category images to different galleries, image placeholders or slider on the page template (only 1 slider per page template)
* New page template tag {image_z,x,y} for specific placing of category images on page templates, custom z to allow for multiple image placeholders per page
* New page template tag to display category images in table, custom mygalleryname to allow for multiple galleries per page {gallery_mygalleryname,catid,tnx,tny,cols}
* Slider page template tag changed to include custom slider name for consistency with image and gallery page template tags {slider_myslidername,catid,width,height} (only 1 slider per page template)
* New dropdown added beside images when modifying a category for assigning an image to an image tag or slider
* New page template tag {blank} which is simply replaced with nothing "" - can be used to prevent url/src changes when updating templates
* New special tag {category_name} can be used in url slug and is replaced with category name
* sort=price now supported in category advanced search filter
* Added ability to allow/deny admin add/modify on particular categories using new usergroup permission "Read/Write Selected"
* When adding a new category the url slug field will now automatically populate with the parent categories slug + {category_name}
* When adding a product or article the url slug field will now automatically populate with {category_name}
* All url slugs are now saved to a dedicated urlslugs.txt file which is used by the friendly url parser - this means when a slug is changed the old one will still work until old slugs are purged
* parse_friendly_url.php changed to work with urlslugs.txt with improved memory usage
* Button to purge old url slugs added to admin maintenance page - this rebuilds urlslugs.txt
* Added checks to see if a cached image is older than source image and updates it if so
* Added phar backup/restore methods as default if php version >= 5.3
* Security question moved from article settings to user settings in admin
* Security question is now used on registration page as well as posting comments form
* Product options now have individual modifiers for price, weight and volume
* Create renewal order button added to admin modify subscription page
* Overdue notice is now only shown on orders with unpaid status
* Invoice views now use the order date if set instead of the order created date
* "Login to view invoice" is no longer displayed on payment pages for cancelled or pending orders
* New shipping option shipping_by_country
* Payment options can now be set to Testmode (status 2) and will only be shown to main admin user for testing
* Added email template for orders with pending status
* Admin modify order no longer requires a phone number to be entered
* Payments can now be added to an order and are shown on invoice and the new balance due is used on paynow page
* Various other fixes and improvements
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