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Author Topic: SourceGuardian / XT-CMS licence problem

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SourceGuardian / XT-CMS licence problem
OP: October 07, 2015, 11:33:24 AM
I am doing a radical overhaul of an old website, which I want to leave fully intact while I design and debug its replacement. I thought that it would be a good idea to set up a web server on my PC and work on the new website locally without needing to upload it at this point.

To do this, I have installed Abyss web server and PHP Version 5.3.29, both of which seem to be working correctly.

I think that I have also installed the SourceGuardian loader, and my phpinfo.php page contains the following lines:

SourceGuardian Loader Support    enabled
SourceGuardian Loader Version    10.1.5
SourceGuardian Loader Build Number    0x00000016
Thread Safety    enabled
phpSHIELD Support    enabled

Directive   Local Value   Master Value
sourceguardian.restrict_unencoded   0   0

I also think that I have installed the latest version of XT-CMS and set it up as instructed, but when I try to access the admin page I get the following message:

"Fatal error: SourceGuardian Loader - This protected script is not licensed to run on this machine or it is not running in a web server environment. Run the script in the web server environment. Please contact the author of the script regarding this problem. Error code [02] in C:\Abyss Web Server\htdocs\cms\scripts\cms_front.php on line 2"

The licence file I am using is the one that is downloaded in the XT-CMS software zip file, which I presume is a trial licence. I have a paid-for licence, but I guess this is locked to my domain URL and so would not be valid when running on my localhost.

Any ideas on things I should try to get round this issue would be much appreciated!

Peter Goldsmith
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Re: SourceGuardian / XT-CMS licence problem
#1: October 08, 2015, 12:20:04 PM
Sounds like you have done everything right but I'm not familiar with that sourceguardian error or Abyss web server. I have tested the cms locally with wamp + trial licence and it works fine so wamp might be worth a try. Or you can just install on a live domain/subdomain instead of a local setup. For example if you use a subdomain like you can use the trial licence file (or full licence file if it's under the licensed domain). You could also just create a subfolder for testing on the live domain where it won't interfere with the live site.
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Re: SourceGuardian / XT-CMS licence problem
#2: October 09, 2015, 10:10:32 PM
Thanks Tom
I think that I must have corrupted a file somewhere - I downloaded a fresh copy of XT-CMS and installed it, and that seemed to get me past the SourceGuardian error message. I am still having problems though, so I may well take a look at wamp or revert to the idea of doing my testing on-line.
Sorry to have wasted your time investigating something that turned out to be user error!
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