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Author Topic: v1.7.2 released

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v1.7.2 released
OP: May 19, 2014, 04:13:51 PM
A new version 1.7.2 of the cms has been released. To download this latest version log into your account or download the trial version from the cms demo/trial page.

v 1.7.2
* Added support for dynamic serving of mobile themes eg. mytheme and mytheme_mobile folders for desktop/mobile themes
* Compatibility improvements with new Xara WD10 responsive design/page variants
* Changes to thankyou page/code - each payment option can now have it's own thankyou.php/.htm/.html for better modding
* Added CAD, AUD and NZD currency options
* Added new admin themes - different colours etc. used in the admin area
* Account summary messages added to users myaccount area (account balance and subscription expiry notice etc.)
* New admin option in order settings to enable/disable account balance being shown in myaccount area
* Company name and bill to company options added to myaccount details - Orders/invoices can now be billed to company name and attn to customer name
* Added special tag {login_form} useable in content areas
* Successful login by default now goes direct to myaccount page
* New user account settings page added to admin
* Admin option for custom redirect url after login
* Admin option to enable disable user access to account details page
* Admin option to enable disable user profile pages
* User groups removed from main admin menu and now in Settings -> Users
* Welcome user text now refers to user by first name only
* New order status "Pending" - (unpaid and only visible in admin, not visible in user account area)
* Subscription renewal orders now initially set to pending
* New manually created orders now initially set to pending
* New pending invoice footer added to admin  order settings
* Orders can now have a due date
* Subscription name now includes selected product options for easier viewing/searching
* Some changes to subscription pages in admin
* Price on existing subscriptions can now be modified
* Subscription expiry emails now include an auto login link
* Extra encryption added to auto login links
* Prices on product options are now treated as excl vat if b2b is enabled
* Admin can now add new subscriptions to a user manually
* Subscription renewal prices are now shown in myaccount area
* Added admin option to close off the user registration page
* Users page in admin now has a column showing number of subscriptions that a user has
* Order count when viewing users in admin now links to orders for that user
* User log now includes logins and invoice views
* Approved messages now show the date they were approved
* Spam filter on product enquiry forms and contact forms now checks for high volume/frequency of email sending from same session
* Activity on product enquiry forms and contact forms is now logged and some other minor improvements
* Option to prune old/unused user accounts added to the admin maintenance area
* Email user in admin area now keeps a copy of the email in the mailer and no longer possible to modify existing emails in the mailer (better traceability)
* Some improvements to page caching
* Admin users can now add admin-only notes to orders and users
* htaccess file for friendly urls now ignores any urls ending with ending file extensions css|jpg|jpeg|gif|png|zip|js|ico - reduces unnecessary php/server loads for missing files
* additional/optional faster to process htaccess file added for friendly urls
* Page not found with 404 header added - invalid friendly urls no longer display home page
* Various other fixes, changes and performance improvements
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