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Author Topic: XT-CMS Upgrade

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XT-CMS Upgrade
OP: December 30, 2013, 04:42:26 AM
I Upgraded to the newest version this evening, and for the most part everything went reasonably smooth. But It appears that when the system restores all the categories, it switches there order all around and restores them in alphabetical order, while this didn't hurt functionality and only took about 15 minutes to get order back to previous settings, do you think that this could be addressed in the restore process to have the category order be maintained.

Also what is the new section I have of options called "Category Listings" used for, this was not there before my backup and restore to newest version.

Thanks, Pat
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Re: XT-CMS Upgrade
#1: January 01, 2014, 01:23:46 PM
As far as I remember when you restore a backup the system regenerates the database index file for the categories from scratch and so their order is reset. It's a safety measure to ensure the system doesn't use an index file with an older data structure. I will see if this can improved, perhaps with some version checking.

The Category Listings section provides controls for the displaying of articles/products. You can change how many rows, columns etc.
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