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Author Topic: XT-CMS v1.6.0 Released

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XT-CMS v1.6.0 Released
OP: September 27, 2013, 04:41:53 PM
Version 1.6 is now available to download. This is a significant update to the cms with a lot of fixes and improvements, the main new features and improvements are listed below.

This latest version can be download by logging into your account and clicking on an active domain name.

The trial version has also been updated and can be downloaded from the demo/trial page.

v 1.6.0

* Multiple content areas can now be added to a page template eg {page_content_1}, {page_content_2}
* Added support for user profiles and lots of changes to myaccount area
* Functionality to add a new user has been added to admin control panel
* Added config settings for sending emails via smtp see config.php - useful if default mail server is down or blacklisted
* Added dropdown to filter users by usergroup in admin
* New improved mailer allows queuing of multiple emails/newsletters and recipients can be specified by user group for each newsletter
* Subscription reminder/renewal emails now queued and sent via mailer
* Subscription renewal process improved - no longer goes through full cart/checkout process
* Changes to how order prices and totals are stored and displayed with/without tax etc.
* Tidied and improved various admin pages and menu
* Added new image gallery for product images - galleria
* Added image watermarking functionality
* Improvements to shipping and payment options to allow for easier modding and editable values in admin
* Added support for dynamic image sliders using category images and special tag {slider,categoryid,width,height}
* Improvements to backup and restore processes
* Lots of other minor changes and improvements
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