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Author Topic: XT-CMS v1.5.0 Released

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XT-CMS v1.5.0 Released
OP: February 14, 2012, 01:05:43 PM
A new updated version of XT-CMS is now available.

v1.5.0 main changes and fixes include:

* New option added for Admin when registering user accounts - "Do not send account registration email to user"
* New option added for Admin when changing passwords on user accounts - "Do not send new password email to user"
* Fixed bug - weight modifiers behaving as price modifiers in product options
* Currency can now be changed in admin - currency options added EUR, GBP and USD
* Product option with a blank value field can now be used to add text field options to products
* More tidying up on admin warning messages
* Improvements and fixes to subscriptions implementation
* Fixed a Login/Session Bug
* Backup file now includes site name for easier identification
* Improvements to backup interface in admin
* Fixed bug that prevented mailer from sending emails
* Improvements to importing products using csv file
* Youtube video can now be added to products
* Period character can now be used in url slugs
* New system category added for search results
* Fixed a bug with saving advanced search filter when modifying a category
* Fixed search results sorting best matches and other search code optimisations
* Added support for positive, negative and exact match keywords to search eg. +keyword -keyword [keyword]
* Fixed friendly urls for news articles
* Admin configuration page improved and new functionality added to it allowing batch updating of existing categories
* Improvements made to importing page templates process (tightened regular expression matching)
* Fixed product weights not being accessible for shipping calculations
* Some changes to cms.css stylesheet - cart,shipping,confirm,paynow,myaccount tables consolidated with cms_table rules
* Speed improvement when displaying categories in admin, more noticible when a lot of categories eg. 1000+
* Updated install instructions in readme doc
* Fixed problem that prevented cms working on some windows file systems eg. wamp
* Lots of other minor improvements and fixes

This latest version can be download by logging into your account and clicking on an active domain name.

The trial version has also been updated and can be downloaded from the demo/trial page.
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