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Author Topic: Issues with setting up HTTPS / resetting admin credentials

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Hello I have been trying to install an SSL certificate on a client's website. I sent an email about this the other day to support but didn't get a reply.

I tried following the following guide:

But we don't have any option in the admin panel for "Advanced" to clear the cache etc.

I then thought perhaps there is another set of admin credentials and tried to follow this guide: to reset the admin password, however if i delete config.php all I end up with is a white screen of death.

CAn someone please advise as to how to correctly do this, or if there is a manual way to clear the cache etc.

Unfortunately the company who built the site originally are closed down since Covid and are un-contactable.

EDIT: CMS version is v2.2.2

Many thanks in advance
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You will need to login as the main admin user to access config settings for switching the CMS between http and https and to reset cache etc. The location of the settings file has changed since that older forum post but you should be able to reset the main admin login/password by renaming the following file:


Then login with "admin" for username and password - note you might need to reconfigure other settings which may have been changed and stored in the renamed file and you will need to check the template files are not using any insecure http image source links etc. which can cause the page to be flagged as insecure in the browser even with https enabled.
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