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Author Topic: CMS Beta Version 3.3

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CMS Beta Version 3.3
OP: May 17, 2023, 12:49:07 PM
Beta version of the CMS containing latest fixes and improvements can be downloaded here.

This beta version includes significant changes to product pricing for the new multi-currency feature and many other changes. If you encounter any issues or bugs in this version please email or post below.

Changelog below.

Code: [Select]
v 3.3.2 (beta)
* Removed warning "switching to curl" when a process is run and now only logs error if all methods to run process fail
* Old security tokens are now automatically deleted after 30days (on admin login)
* "Clear Old Tokens" button added beside "Clear All Tokens" in Settings -> Maintenance
* Increased the time interval between checking/updating users last online/login time from 10mins to 15mins
* Other minor code changes

v 3.3.1 (beta)
* Change password fields now use autocomplete="new-password" to prevent auto-fill
* Fixed: disabling Account Details in user settings was not working
* Legacy calls of $page->getCurrentUrl() now use newer getURL() and don't throw error
* Some updates to documentation

v 3.3.0 (beta)
* New getItems() function replaces get_items() function
* Improved code for moving items up/down/top
* Some fixes with exporting users/products/listings
* Security session_set_cookie_params httponly=true so session cookies not accessible by javascript (eg. hacker posts a comment or listing with javascript to redirect cookies to their own site, note script tag should never be allowed to be added by non admin users)
* Some payment options were using old item_details now using item class/object
* New addPayment method added to order class
* Date field for adding payment now defaults to current date and calendar limited to current date or previous days only
* Description field for order payment is no longer required, can be blank
* Sort by price now working with new multicurrency in new getItems function
* Verification link for newsletter subscription no longer has visible email address and works with email addresses containing + character
* New cOut() function for template tags
* Fixed SMTP email was not working since a few versions back

v 3.2.0 (beta)
* New feature added: multi-currency support
* UI improvements to tax rate settings in admin
* Added function check for GD library to PHP info page in admin area
* Reset password no longer emails user their new password, just shows it on screen (adopting more secure policy that passwords should never be sent by email)
* Removed password from most user registration emails for additional security
* Some minor improvements made to change password page in myaccount
* Change password page in myaccount now requires at least 6 characters instead of 4
* Contact forms remember submitted data again after a fail
* Fixed duplicating subscription bug when saving subscription directly after duplicating
* Fixed loading in of legacy data for subscriptions saved in older version
* Fixed incorrect subscription renewal price in myaccount
* Canonical link is now stripped from page template if present - CMS generates these automatically
* Rebuild slugs moved to friendly urls page in admin and removed from maintenance page
* New button added to view urlslugs.txt
* URL slugs are now rebuilt automatically if cms_url is changed in config settings
* Fixed bug with category advanced search filter
* $page_content is now $page->content, admin area now also uses page object
* Some html+css changes to booking slot display on product page
* Eased restriction for template tags eg. cms-product-ANYTHING cms-article-ANYTHING will work as long as the content template file accommodates it
* CMS now does a redirect on access denied, can set redirect url with $page->deny_url in includes and content templates
* Added stats for items, saved as seperate file stats.json in item directory eg. page views
* Can now add admin notes to products and articles
* Page Title field added for categories, overrides the category name for page titles if not left blank
* Some html css improvements to forms
* Some UI improvements to backup page
* Fixed cart image src on add to cart popup
* 303 redirects added to many various actions in admin so that browser back/forward work seamlessly after form submit (UX improvement)
* Added missing functionality for css files in mobile theme and fixed various related issues
* Fixed deposit not loading into order object
* Admin area; if order not found quietly go back to orders page (also for products,articles,categories,navmenus,subscriptions,bookings)
* Fixed some warnings not being displayed on add product page
* Custom search values can now end with "_ormore" to search if number is greater or equal to eg. "1_ormore"
* Custom search values can now end with  "_orless" to search if number is less or equal to eg. "1_orless"
* Some fixes with exporting users/products
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CMS Beta Version 3.3
#1: May 20, 2023, 01:11:57 AM
Beta updated to v3.3.2 and changelog updated in first post.
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