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Author Topic: New CMS version 3.1.0 released

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New CMS version 3.1.0 released
OP: June 14, 2022, 10:26:22 AM
This update includes some bug fixes and improvements and makes a few minor changes to file theme file structure. In this version it is now possible to set custom find-and-replace strings when importing templates by editing the $replace_strings array variable in includes/cms/theme_config.php (in your theme folder) - Normally this is not needed to be set but it is useful in edge case situations where adding a template tag or class name exactly where you want might not be possible from within the web design software you are using.

To download the latest version click here.

v 3.1.0
* Some code fixes to subscription renewals in myaccount area
* Clicking settings from user page in admin area goes to user settings page instead of CMS config settings page
* Fixed issues with additional content areas not working, content area names are now passed onto content template as $layout
* Security questions and captcha can now be applied to product enquiry forms too
* Fixed a redirect issue with contact forms and product enquiry forms on pages not using a friendly url
* config folder is no longer used in a theme and config/theme_import.php is now includes/cms/theme_config.php
* New $replace_strings array variable added to theme_config.php file
* Fixed "login to comment" link on article page - was using cms_site_url instead of cms_url
* Fixed two other instances of cms_site_url being used instead of cms_url in email templates
* Removed redundant code that loads theme config files for templates - use content templates going forward
* Content templates for product page and article page now have more control of what is output on the page including image sizes and gallery code
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