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Author Topic: Cheques, Bank Drafts, Postal Orders

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Cheques, Bank Drafts, Postal Orders
OP: August 08, 2020, 03:20:29 PM
The Cheque payment option allows customers to send a cheque, bank draft or postal order payment by post. This payment option is included with the CMS installation.

Installation Instructions
1. Download the Cheque payment option
2. Extract the zip file on your computer
3. Upload the extracted folder and files into the following location from your CMS root directory;  includes/shop/payment_options

Go to Settings -> Payments in the CMS admin area to configure and enable the payment option.
Enter the name and address where cheque payments should be sent.

Developer Notes
A simple payment option that just displays a name and address where payments can be sent.

Requirements & Dependencies
No special requirements or dependencies.
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