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Author Topic: Flate Rate Shipping

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Flate Rate Shipping
OP: August 07, 2020, 11:45:35 AM
This shipping option allows you to set a flat rate for shipping on all orders. Can also set free shipping for orders greater or equal to a certain amount. This payment option is included with the CMS installation.

Installation Instructions
1. Download the Flat Rate shipping option
2. Extract the zip file on your computer
3. Upload the extracted folder and files into the following location from your CMS root directory;  includes/shop/shipping_options

Go to Settings -> Shipping in the CMS admin area to configure and enable the shipping option.
Set the flate for shipping. Set the value for free shipping (set this really high eg. 999999 if you don't want to provide any free shipping).

Developer Notes
This is probably the simplest shipping option and a good starting point to copy if you are creating a new shipping option.

Requirements & Dependencies
No special requirements or dependencies.
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