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Author Topic: Read First: How to add new shipping options

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Read First: How to add new shipping options
OP: August 07, 2020, 10:53:29 AM
This board is for discussing ecommerce shipping options. If you have a question about a particular shipping option or would like to see a new shipping option added you can post about here in this board.

Make sure to double check any downloaded scripts before installing them on your server. Use of third party scripts is at your own risk.

How to add new shipping options

Shipping options are stored in the following location from the CMS root directory;  includes/shop/shipping_options

If you have downloaded a shipping option from the forum you will need to upload it's folder and files into this directory. Make sure to extract the files first if they are packaged into a zip file.

- - -  Configuring Shipping Options - - -

Once added shipping options can be enabled and configured by going to Settings -> Shipping in the CMS admin area. Note when a shipping option is set to test mode it will only be shown to logged in admin users.

- - -  Modifying & Creating New Shipping Options - - -

With some PHP experience it is possible for anyone to modify and add new shipping options to the CMS. The following serves as a quick start guide on how to do this.

Each shipping option has it's own folder that contains at least one file called shipping_option.php

When creating a new shipping option or making a modification it is recommeded to copy and rename the folder of an existing shipping option and then edit the shipping_option.php file for it as needed.

If you are modifying or creating a new shipping option you are welcome to share it here on the shipping options board for others to use and provide feedback.
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