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Author Topic: Stripe (credit card payments)

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Stripe (credit card payments)
OP: August 06, 2020, 05:49:27 PM
The Stripe payment option allows you to securely accept card payments online.

Installation Instructions
1. Download the Stripe payment option
2. Extract the zip file on your computer
3. Upload the extracted folder and files into the following location from your CMS root directory;  includes/shop/payment_options

Go to Settings -> Payments in the CMS admin area to configure and enable the payment option.
Enter the Secret key and Publishable Key to connect the payment option to your Stripe account.

Developer Notes
This payment option is working but still deemed work in progress. Lot's of customisation possible. Secure Stripe payment form integrates nicely and customer never leaves your website when making payment. Uses a webhook that will automatically mark orders paid after transaction is complete.

Requirements & Dependencies
A account. You can create an account and make test payments to your account for free.
PHP 5.6 or higher

Further Information & Resources]]
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