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Author Topic: XT-CMS v2.1.3 Released

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XT-CMS v2.1.3 Released
OP: April 09, 2020, 09:14:04 AM
A new version 2.1.3 of the CMS has been released. This version includes many improvements and fixes since v2.0.0  previous release version. Check out the changelog below and read more about this release on our dev blog.

To download this latest version click here.

v 2.1.3
* Forgot password added to admin login page and now works with the main admin account using website email
* New Unique Key setting in admin maintenance page used for generating unique hashes in passwords etc.
* tel: links are now ignored when updating page templates
* Can no longer rename system usergroups 0,1,2
* Added new txt entries to language file
* Failed reset password now displays the forgot password page and displays more helpful message
* Added "Warning:" text to delete popup dialogs for extra warning and to differentiate vs other popups like duplicate confirmations
* Updated buttons (visual) on myaccount settings and password change pages
* Fixes to news_detail page (layout and comments) security question not checked if logged in

v 2.1.2
* Changes to usergroup permissions, can now use admin type usergroup as before or standard type usergroup for front-end access permissions (access level always equals highest level)
* Some page load optimisations on some admin pages due to usergroup changes (no longer loads each usergroup details when listing usergroups)

v 2.1.1
* New sys directory and sys/images sys/backup sys/data sys/cache sys/theme (only need to set permissions on sys dierctory)
* Update page templates now imports theme directory structure and copies file assets for cache bust fingerprinting
* config/theme_import.php file in a theme folder can be used to specify import file types and also exclude directories and files from being imported
* Fixed bug with View button on modify category page
* Fixed product url link bug on images in display_news_default
* Added new Duplicate all button to edit category page - duplicates category and all it's sub categories
* Can now set a category to a section, sections are more visually obvious on categories page and will allow for filtering by section in future
* Updated modify category page in admin to display image files the same way as articles and products
* Import users is now working again (now inline with the changes made to import products in v1.9.2)
* Fixed Rebuild and Delete Users in Admin Maintenance page (users aka customers legacy name)
* Fixed user log was showing the full system log instead of just the user log
* UX/UI Improvements to user page in admin

v 2.1.0
* Changes to processes: prune users, prune listings, convert links, backup and restore
* New security tokens for user login links and running processes
* New queue system for processes
* Better error reporting on Add newsletter when there are no subscribed users to add
* Log entries now include a runtime id
* Can view the process queue in admin log page
* Number of log entries and current server time added to log
* Zones by country shipping option updated, can now specify exempt countries
* Mailer list always now always sorted newest to oldest
* Minor css change to center text on link buttons .btn class

* Various other changes and improvements
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