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Author Topic: XT-CMS v2.1.4 Released

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XT-CMS v2.1.4 Released
OP: April 27, 2020, 12:55:12 PM
A new version 2.1.4 of the CMS has been released. This version is  mostly a hot-fix for the recently released 2.1.3 and includes various fixes and improvements. Significantly the main admin is now required to provide an email address which is used for reseting password by email. Previously the website email was used to reset the admin password but this was not ideal for example if the main admin is managing the website for a client and not their own website.

To download the latest version click here.

v 2.1.4
* Special tags {login_link} {private_login_link} can now be used on admin email user page and on newsletter
* Special tag {user_name_full} can be used on new newsletter email {user_name} works as before for short/first name only
* Private login links now redirect to myaccount page by default
* myaccount page now displays successful login message
* New currrency code file added - admin/includes/currency_codes.txt - edit file to add more currencies to the CMS
* An email address is now required for the main admin - used for forgot password feature
* Updated the look/layout of the add user page in admin to match the rest of admin
* Improvements to the image gallery plugin
* Clear start date button added to product add/edit pages in admin
* Fixed bug in checkout shipping when only subscription products added to cart
* Cleared out some old unused files
* Various other fixes and improvements
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