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Author Topic: XT-CMS v1.9.3 Released

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XT-CMS v1.9.3 Released
OP: May 04, 2017, 12:17:41 PM
Version 1.9.3 of the cms has been released. This version includes the improvements and fixes listed below.

Download the latest version of XT-CMS

v 1.9.3

* Main admin can now change email address on a user account
* Fixed a bug when modifying a news article with a url slug
* Facebook og meta tags added for news detail pages and updated
* Added og:image:width and og:image:height to improve FB takeup of image
* New $page_start variable can be used to inject html code after <body> tag
* Tileicon URLs in template head code are now imported correctly
* Categories are no longer excluded from sitemap if they have listings and description hidden (as content on page template might be present)
* Modify category now checks mobile template (if present) for special content/image tags and adds them to "Assign to" dropdown for category images
* Testmode added for shipping options - shows to admin only
* Default countries selection added to admin checkout settings - listed at top of dropdowns
* Myaccount orders page now shows balance for each order
* New purchase order status option added for orders
* New pro-forma invoice status option added for orders
* An order with blank customer data will now display blank lines instead for printing/writing
* An order with no products will now display blank lines instead for printing/writing
* New option to change owner account on an order
* Meta description character limits in admin pages increased to 160
* Downloadable files can now be added to a category (PDF or ZIP)
* Added text to order notification emails indicating they are not confirmation of payment and login link
* Payment page text can now be edited in the cms: Admin -> Settings -> Payments
* Date and time can now be assigned to a product for event and booking type products and products can now be sorted by date
* Improvements to Modify Subscription page in admin area
* Remember Me checkbox added to login form on checkout page
* Fixed filter selection on users page in admin, added more filters and optimised order filters to process much faster
* Search phrase now supports quotes for exact match case-insensitive
* Search phrase functionality improved performance and accuracy
* Spam filter can now block messages that use particular character sets (specified in anti-spam.txt)
* Can now set a preview theme for admins only in scripts/config.php
* Added filter dropdown to filter orders in admin
* CMS config settings can now be overrridden by using theme config folder eg. mytheme/config/default.php
* Surname now displays blank instead of first name if users name is only one name and better handling of double barrel names
* countries.txt added to admin/includes - list of country codes and names that can be used with payment options etc.
* Updates to the Paypal payment option
* Updated template import to suport recent html export changes from Xara 365 (apr 2017)
* HTML when viewing raw item data in admin is no longer parsed/rendered
* New default system category 5 now used for related news articles
* Default system categories should now always be listed by id in admin categories page
* Lots of other various fixes and improvements
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