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Author Topic: CMS with template?

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CMS with template?
OP: June 06, 2018, 11:00:43 AM

I have a potential client who requires CMS for his used car site. The layout is here:He will need to update the Hot On The Lot section (add/delete as needed).What would be the best approach here. I am thinking some kind of template perhaps (image, description/price).
The is an RWD as well.

Please help.

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Re: CMS with template?
#1: June 12, 2018, 09:27:52 AM
What you could do in the CMS is create a category called "Hot On The Lot" - then add each car as a product to be listed in this category. Set each car product listing to Info Only behaviour so the products are shown without Add to Cart buttons. You can also enable the enquiry form to be disaplayed on each of the product pages so a customer can enquire about a particular car. Effectively with this you will be able to create a car listings website where the images and text for each car can be added and edited by the client through the cms.

You can also customise the look by editing the css stylesheet and the product listing php file in your theme folder.

To do this you will need the e-commerce option for the CMS but you can try it out in the demo version first which is limited to 5 products and categories for testing purposes.
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