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Author Topic: Transferring to new server - have I stupidly lost all my data?

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I think that I might have done something really stupid, but hope that I can retrieve the situation somehow!

I had a website running XT-CMS 1.8.1. My usual service provider doesn't support Sourceguardian, so I was paying for my website to be hosted by a different provider. When I saw that XT-CMS 1.9.x uses Ioncube I decided to cancel my subscription to the second service provider and transfer everything across. I therefore downloaded all the files from the website and stored them on my hard disk. I then forgot to do any more than cancel my subscription to this second provider.

My contract with the second provider has now expired and my website has gone down and its file are also totally inaccessible via FTP (as you would expect). Only now have I realised that I should have done a *backup* of the CMS contents, rather than simply copying all the data!

I have tried installing XT-XMS 1.8.1 and the Sourceguardian loader on my PC, to see if I can recreate the website locally and perform a backup, but the original trial cms.license file gives an error saying "This script is expired" and my 'proper' purchased license doesn't work locally either.

Have I lost all the information that has been loaded into the CMS (this will not amuse some of the users!) or is there a way out of this problem?

Any help much appreciated!

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If you downloaded the entire cms folder to your computer then you should have all the data too as it is stored in one of it's subfloders. So you probably haven't lost anything, fingers crossed. I will email you shortly with licence file for ioncube use and if you need more help let me know.
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