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Author Topic: v1.9.2 Released

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v1.9.2 Released
OP: May 20, 2016, 10:46:57 AM
A new version 1.9.2 of the cms has been released. This version includes the improvements and fixes listed below and is now compiled with ioncube (replacing SourceGaurdian) for better server compatibility. Most server php configurations include ioncube loaders by default so installation should be easier for most people. However if you have difficulty installing or require a Sourceguardian compiled version please contact us by email.

To download this latest version click here.

v 1.9.2

* Fixed: Email validation wasn't accepting tlds with more than 3 chars such as .info
* Anti-Spam: Corrected spam filter message on contact form - "too many instances of.."
* Anti-Spam: Name entered on registration page must now be less than 100chars
* Admin maintenance page now shows if cache is enabled or disabled
* Export orders to csv button added to admin orders page
* Default admin user group can now be fully edited like other custom usergroups
* Import now shows a preview of the data before importing (only products at the moment)
* Fixed Add to cart popup not showing on cached pages and related javascript now only included on pages if "add_to_cart" is in a content area
* New reserved friendly url added - myaccount - goes to myaccount/login page
* Added ioncube support
* Other minor inprovements
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