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Announcements / XT-CMS v2.1.5 Released
« Last post by xtom on May 07, 2020, 10:57:43 AM »
A new version 2.1.5 of the CMS has been released. You can now choose http or https website protocol setting from the admin config page instead of having to edit the config file. It should also auto detect the appropriate setting for your website. This is more convenient and makes installations that little bit easier. Also added a new Theme page to admin area, go here to manually import theme files or to add/edit custom page code to your page templates.

To download the latest version click here.

v 2.1.5
* {page_content} tags with non-alphanumeric characters are now ignored (underscores also allowed)
* cms_protocol is now set in admin config page and attempts to autodetect if not set - can still override from scripts/config.php
* Moved config page from main admin menu into settings menu
* New Theme page added to main admin menu - moved theme controls from config and maintenance pages to the new theme page
* Moved page code settings to new theme page in admin
* PHP Info moved from admin main menu to config page
* Increased content area font-sizes 10px to 13px
* Removed some unused files from plugins folder
Announcements / XT-CMS v2.1.4 Released
« Last post by xtom on April 27, 2020, 12:55:12 PM »
A new version 2.1.4 of the CMS has been released. This version is  mostly a hot-fix for the recently released 2.1.3 and includes various fixes and improvements. Significantly the main admin is now required to provide an email address which is used for reseting password by email. Previously the website email was used to reset the admin password but this was not ideal for example if the main admin is managing the website for a client and not their own website.

To download the latest version click here.

v 2.1.4
* Special tags {login_link} {private_login_link} can now be used on admin email user page and on newsletter
* Special tag {user_name_full} can be used on new newsletter email {user_name} works as before for short/first name only
* Private login links now redirect to myaccount page by default
* myaccount page now displays successful login message
* New currrency code file added - admin/includes/currency_codes.txt - edit file to add more currencies to the CMS
* An email address is now required for the main admin - used for forgot password feature
* Updated the look/layout of the add user page in admin to match the rest of admin
* Improvements to the image gallery plugin
* Clear start date button added to product add/edit pages in admin
* Fixed bug in checkout shipping when only subscription products added to cart
* Cleared out some old unused files
* Various other fixes and improvements
General Discussion / Live Q&A Session
« Last post by xtom on April 17, 2020, 10:53:14 AM »
Hi everybody,  in the near future I hope to do a live Q&A session on using XT-CMS. This will most likely be a youtube live video stream where you can join chat and ask questions live.

If you have any questions you would like answered during the session please post them on this thread or as a comment on one of our related social media posts and I will do my best to show how to do the various things that come up during the stream.

I will post date and time it will take place once I have everything organised.

Youtube Live Stream planned for 21/04/20 @ 5PM GMT

Edit: Sorry eveyrone have to postpone this for another day. Too much came up on the day. Will update with new time asap.

Live stream can be watched back here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJshqlrcl7E

If you'd like to be notified of future streams and videos make sure to subscribe to the youtube channel.

Announcements / XT-CMS v2.1.3 Released
« Last post by xtom on April 09, 2020, 09:14:04 AM »
A new version 2.1.3 of the CMS has been released. This version includes many improvements and fixes since v2.0.0  previous release version. Check out the changelog below and read more about this release on our dev blog.

To download this latest version click here.

v 2.1.3
* Forgot password added to admin login page and now works with the main admin account using website email
* New Unique Key setting in admin maintenance page used for generating unique hashes in passwords etc.
* tel: links are now ignored when updating page templates
* Can no longer rename system usergroups 0,1,2
* Added new txt entries to language file
* Failed reset password now displays the forgot password page and displays more helpful message
* Added "Warning:" text to delete popup dialogs for extra warning and to differentiate vs other popups like duplicate confirmations
* Updated buttons (visual) on myaccount settings and password change pages
* Fixes to news_detail page (layout and comments) security question not checked if logged in

v 2.1.2
* Changes to usergroup permissions, can now use admin type usergroup as before or standard type usergroup for front-end access permissions (access level always equals highest level)
* Some page load optimisations on some admin pages due to usergroup changes (no longer loads each usergroup details when listing usergroups)

v 2.1.1
* New sys directory and sys/images sys/backup sys/data sys/cache sys/theme (only need to set permissions on sys dierctory)
* Update page templates now imports theme directory structure and copies file assets for cache bust fingerprinting
* config/theme_import.php file in a theme folder can be used to specify import file types and also exclude directories and files from being imported
* Fixed bug with View button on modify category page
* Fixed product url link bug on images in display_news_default
* Added new Duplicate all button to edit category page - duplicates category and all it's sub categories
* Can now set a category to a section, sections are more visually obvious on categories page and will allow for filtering by section in future
* Updated modify category page in admin to display image files the same way as articles and products
* Import users is now working again (now inline with the changes made to import products in v1.9.2)
* Fixed Rebuild and Delete Users in Admin Maintenance page (users aka customers legacy name)
* Fixed user log was showing the full system log instead of just the user log
* UX/UI Improvements to user page in admin

v 2.1.0
* Changes to processes: prune users, prune listings, convert links, backup and restore
* New security tokens for user login links and running processes
* New queue system for processes
* Better error reporting on Add newsletter when there are no subscribed users to add
* Log entries now include a runtime id
* Can view the process queue in admin log page
* Number of log entries and current server time added to log
* Zones by country shipping option updated, can now specify exempt countries
* Mailer list always now always sorted newest to oldest
* Minor css change to center text on link buttons .btn class

* Various other changes and improvements
XT-CMS + Xara / Re: Dynamic Web Page Templates in Xara
« Last post by sera49 on February 15, 2020, 03:56:06 PM »
i have a question about the the tweak...

Generally it is working great - but i have a issue that dont know how to solve.... The dynamic content can be increased by pressing a button - it extends but the page stays as it is was...

example http://test.bus-express.at/

The page extends at loading... but pressing eg. BOOK TAXi - doesnt makes the page extend... If you refresh the page (F5) than everything is ok....

What coulb be the reason and is there any cure of the problem?

General Discussion / Re: What web design software do you use? (2019 Poll)
« Last post by onlye on August 09, 2019, 07:08:45 PM »
Will XT-CMS work with WYSIWYG Web Builder?

I use Xara 70% of the time and WWB 30%.  I am looking to adopt a CMS.  Would be nice to learn one CMS system that would work with both web building platforms.

SORRY - I see now that you reference that it does work with WWB.

Support / Re: Support for PHP version 7?
« Last post by xtom on August 05, 2019, 12:20:45 AM »
The latest release version of the CMS now supports PHP7.
General Discussion / Re: Forum updated and now https secure
« Last post by xtom on August 01, 2019, 09:29:00 AM »
Another update to forum: new responsive theme. Should be easier now to browse and read posts on a mobile phone.
Announcements / XT-CMS v2.0.0 Released
« Last post by xtom on July 24, 2019, 01:17:27 PM »
A new version 2.0.0 of the CMS has been released. This version includes a huge list of improvements and fixes and is now fully compatible with PHP7. Check out our What's new in V2 blog post and changelog below.

To download this latest version click here.

v 2.0.0 changelog

* Listing format file now fully controls how item listings are displayed, can use responsive flex layouts or tables layout etc.
* Default listing format files updated with new flex layouts etc.
* update_templates.php now adds conditional jquery script code to page templates if no jquery is present and special tag {jquery} is also not present - use with $jquery_required=1
* safe_filename() function now outputs even safer filename string
* New mobile mode for admin area
* Updated admin pages to be more responsive design
* Updated admin menu ui and added font awesome/fontello icons
* Updated jquery multiselect plugin from v1.10 to v2.0.1
* Updated to latest versions of Jquery 3.3.1 and Jquery UI 1.12.1
* Contact forms updated for responsive design
* Checkout and payment pages updated for responsive design
* Galleria plugin updated to 1.5.7
* New image settings page in admin
* Better message feedback in admin when deleting items
* Special tag {contact_form} can now also be added to a page template instead of just via conent area in cms
* Fixed bug where product could not be deleted if it had no category selected
* All image buttons replaced with CSS buttons and added to language file
* More hardcoded text moved to language file
* Confirm order emails now use short_name
* Icons added to confirm order page
* System log file is now saved in backup folder so is no longer backed up or overwritten when restoring data
* Update_item_list_file now retains old data file when doing a full update
* Added 2 second delay for failed logins - anti-brute-force measure
* Added 3 second delay for failed forgot password email lookups - anti-brute-force measure
* Added accept=".jpg,.jpeg,.png" to image file upload buttons
* Function country_name_to_code() better handles if country code not found and logs the warning
* Some order filters updated to work with sorting and now list orders newest(id) to oldest by default
* Buttons to rebuild item list files added to maintenance page in admin area)
* New block IP feature added to admin area Settings -> Users
* Shipping options in admin area are now listed in alphabetic order
* Improved shipping page display and selection in checkout
* More texts moved to language file
* Fixed broken div tags on note form and upload form in product detail page
* Fixed bug where shopping cart popup would ignore customer note form or file upload - now popup is disabled for such products - no_scpu
* Added dedicated textareas for editing Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy in admin area, now saved in seperate files and terms_full.html file
* Checkout terms link now points to terms_full.html
* GDPR options for personal data, cookie notice and newsletter consent added to T&C page in admin area
* New soft warning if no categories selected when adding/editing a product or article
* Fixed display_products_default.php to display Out of Stock message instead of Add to Cart button for out of stock products
* Optimisations to html,css and scripts in admin to speed up page loads
* Admin categories page is now cached for faster page loading
* Search fixed to allow searching of full email address again in admin area (broken in a previous update)
* Fixed search by usergroup - blank usergroup passed in and user has no usergroup data was not omiting
* Fixed export items in admin ignoring filter and search
* Category search text moved out of functions file and into display items files in theme folder.
* Pulled category display code out of functions file and now in theme/includes/display_*.php format file(s) for easier customisation
* Removed "No Items Found" field from Add/Modify category - this can now be edited in theme/includes/display_*.php format file(s)
* Full PHP7 support
* cms.css now gets minified automatically
* Use current time for created_time and modified_time data on a duplicated product
* Added duplicate feature for category, article, subscription, coupon
* Fixed login to view order message showing on paynow page when already logged in
* Search phrase function now keeps underscores for email address searches
* New control bar buttons when modifying items
* Tidied up top of page when modifying items in admin
* When viewing item data now shows in popup window
* Email reminders can now be enabled/disabled on each subscription if enabled globally in config.php
* Fixed bug in myaccount.php that broke page layout for admins with readonly permission
* Category data now saves created_time and modified_time
* Category raw data can now be viewed in admin
* Select All button in admin now selects/deselects all instead of inverting selection
* Fixed serious bug in email address validation failing with leading/trailing spaces
* Added more safety checks to code when deleting items or categories
* Log files are now php instead of txt for more security
* Added Refresh, Print, Delete buttons to admin log page
* Logs now coloured green text on black to empahasise log data, with color coded warnings and errors
* Status setting added to categories - inactive categories
* Removed visibility setting on products and added new Inactive status
* Unpublished status renamed to Draft on articles - is inactive setting
* Inactive settings on categories, articles, products, listings now unlist item from catagories and 404 the detail page
* Updated coupons page and edit coupon page in admin
* Updated help docs
* Added some extra saftey code to recursive_remove_directory() function - checks for valid directory paths
* Moved all language files including admin to a language folder in the root cms directory cms/languages/en etc.
* Meta links to cms css files front-end and admin are now versioned with file modified timestamp (cached css now refresh automatically on update, updates css cached on cloudflare too)
* Can now edit an item on an order, no longer have to remove and re-add item
* Order item note is now multi-line
* Edit, cancel, and delete icons now used on order/invoice
* Fixed bug in myaccount area disabling fields when it shouldn't
* Updated cmsupdate file - new cms_data_version file in data folder for data version checking instead of cms_settings
* Fixed bug in modify_category when checking if category name already exists under the same parent category
* New install.txt file added to cms/data folder for detecting a fresh installation
* Many other fixes and improvements
General Discussion / Forum updated and now https secure
« Last post by xtom on July 09, 2019, 03:24:14 PM »
Forum has been updated to a newer version and is now also https secure. If anyone encounters any problems on the forum after these changes just let me know.
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