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Support / Support for PHP version 7?
« on: December 25, 2018, 07:44:13 PM »
I have been using XT-CMS on PHP v5 for a while and recently received an email from my ISP telling me that this version would shortly become unsupported and strongly recommending that I should update to V7.2. I proceeded to do this, assuming (wrongly) that developers of such widely used software would take care to make it backward-compatible, and now I find that my website has completely stopped working!
I guess that I could revert to v5.x, but I would prefer to use a fully supported version of PHP. Your FAQ page says "PHP 7 is currently not yet supported but this will come in the future." - is this likely to happen soon, or is it a big piece of development work that doesn't warrant the effort?
Many thanks and all the best for 2019

Support / Transferring to new server - have I stupidly lost all my data?
« on: September 26, 2016, 08:25:45 PM »
I think that I might have done something really stupid, but hope that I can retrieve the situation somehow!

I had a website running XT-CMS 1.8.1. My usual service provider doesn't support Sourceguardian, so I was paying for my website to be hosted by a different provider. When I saw that XT-CMS 1.9.x uses Ioncube I decided to cancel my subscription to the second service provider and transfer everything across. I therefore downloaded all the files from the website and stored them on my hard disk. I then forgot to do any more than cancel my subscription to this second provider.

My contract with the second provider has now expired and my website has gone down and its file are also totally inaccessible via FTP (as you would expect). Only now have I realised that I should have done a *backup* of the CMS contents, rather than simply copying all the data!

I have tried installing XT-XMS 1.8.1 and the Sourceguardian loader on my PC, to see if I can recreate the website locally and perform a backup, but the original trial cms.license file gives an error saying "This script is expired" and my 'proper' purchased license doesn't work locally either.

Have I lost all the information that has been loaded into the CMS (this will not amuse some of the users!) or is there a way out of this problem?

Any help much appreciated!

Support / Re: Can I have other PHP code on a page served though XT-CMS?
« on: October 27, 2015, 08:48:32 PM »
Thank you for this really helpful advice. I have now got it working fine - the main problem was my simple misunderstanding about file locations... My PHP code takes inputs from a separate text file and uses this to display messages on the screen. For simplicity, I put the text file in the same location as the HTML file. I therefore thought that since I upload the files to the CMS themes folder, I should also put my text file in this location. I can now clearly see that this is wrong and that the text file needs to go in the root directory of the website.

I am really impressed by XT-CMS now that I am starting to get to grips with it!


Support / Can I have other PHP code on a page served though XT-CMS?
« on: October 25, 2015, 05:10:09 PM »
I have written a small piece of PHP and inserted it into a place-holder as Body HTML on my home/index page. When I publish my site directly to the web and then change the name of the page on the server from index.htm to index.php, the page woks well. However, when I publish it as a template to the CMS directory the CMS aspeccts of the page work fine, but my PHP is not understood or interpreted (and nothing appears on the screen, where I expected my output to be).

Am I trying to do the impossible by having some non-CMS PHP code on a page served by XT-CMS, or is there some trick that I have missed?


Support / Re: SourceGuardian / XT-CMS licence problem
« on: October 09, 2015, 09:10:32 PM »
Thanks Tom
I think that I must have corrupted a file somewhere - I downloaded a fresh copy of XT-CMS and installed it, and that seemed to get me past the SourceGuardian error message. I am still having problems though, so I may well take a look at wamp or revert to the idea of doing my testing on-line.
Sorry to have wasted your time investigating something that turned out to be user error!

Support / SourceGuardian / XT-CMS licence problem
« on: October 07, 2015, 10:33:24 AM »
I am doing a radical overhaul of an old website, which I want to leave fully intact while I design and debug its replacement. I thought that it would be a good idea to set up a web server on my PC and work on the new website locally without needing to upload it at this point.

To do this, I have installed Abyss web server and PHP Version 5.3.29, both of which seem to be working correctly.

I think that I have also installed the SourceGuardian loader, and my phpinfo.php page contains the following lines:

SourceGuardian Loader Support    enabled
SourceGuardian Loader Version    10.1.5
SourceGuardian Loader Build Number    0x00000016
Thread Safety    enabled
phpSHIELD Support    enabled

Directive   Local Value   Master Value
sourceguardian.restrict_unencoded   0   0

I also think that I have installed the latest version of XT-CMS and set it up as instructed, but when I try to access the admin page I get the following message:

"Fatal error: SourceGuardian Loader - This protected script is not licensed to run on this machine or it is not running in a web server environment. Run the script in the web server environment. Please contact the author of the script regarding this problem. Error code [02] in C:\Abyss Web Server\htdocs\cms\scripts\cms_front.php on line 2"

The licence file I am using is the one that is downloaded in the XT-CMS software zip file, which I presume is a trial licence. I have a paid-for licence, but I guess this is locked to my domain URL and so would not be valid when running on my localhost.

Any ideas on things I should try to get round this issue would be much appreciated!

Peter Goldsmith

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