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Announcements / XT-CMS v2.0.0 Released
« on: July 24, 2019, 12:17:27 PM »
A new version 2.0.0 of the CMS has been released. This version includes a huge list of improvements and fixes and is now fully compatible with PHP7. Check out our What's new in V2 blog post and changelog below.

To download this latest version click here.

v 2.0.0 changelog

* Listing format file now fully controls how item listings are displayed, can use responsive flex layouts or tables layout etc.
* Default listing format files updated with new flex layouts etc.
* update_templates.php now adds conditional jquery script code to page templates if no jquery is present and special tag {jquery} is also not present - use with $jquery_required=1
* safe_filename() function now outputs even safer filename string
* New mobile mode for admin area
* Updated admin pages to be more responsive design
* Updated admin menu ui and added font awesome/fontello icons
* Updated jquery multiselect plugin from v1.10 to v2.0.1
* Updated to latest versions of Jquery 3.3.1 and Jquery UI 1.12.1
* Contact forms updated for responsive design
* Checkout and payment pages updated for responsive design
* Galleria plugin updated to 1.5.7
* New image settings page in admin
* Better message feedback in admin when deleting items
* Special tag {contact_form} can now also be added to a page template instead of just via conent area in cms
* Fixed bug where product could not be deleted if it had no category selected
* All image buttons replaced with CSS buttons and added to language file
* More hardcoded text moved to language file
* Confirm order emails now use short_name
* Icons added to confirm order page
* System log file is now saved in backup folder so is no longer backed up or overwritten when restoring data
* Update_item_list_file now retains old data file when doing a full update
* Added 2 second delay for failed logins - anti-brute-force measure
* Added 3 second delay for failed forgot password email lookups - anti-brute-force measure
* Added accept=".jpg,.jpeg,.png" to image file upload buttons
* Function country_name_to_code() better handles if country code not found and logs the warning
* Some order filters updated to work with sorting and now list orders newest(id) to oldest by default
* Buttons to rebuild item list files added to maintenance page in admin area)
* New block IP feature added to admin area Settings -> Users
* Shipping options in admin area are now listed in alphabetic order
* Improved shipping page display and selection in checkout
* More texts moved to language file
* Fixed broken div tags on note form and upload form in product detail page
* Fixed bug where shopping cart popup would ignore customer note form or file upload - now popup is disabled for such products - no_scpu
* Added dedicated textareas for editing Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy in admin area, now saved in seperate files and terms_full.html file
* Checkout terms link now points to terms_full.html
* GDPR options for personal data, cookie notice and newsletter consent added to T&C page in admin area
* New soft warning if no categories selected when adding/editing a product or article
* Fixed display_products_default.php to display Out of Stock message instead of Add to Cart button for out of stock products
* Optimisations to html,css and scripts in admin to speed up page loads
* Admin categories page is now cached for faster page loading
* Search fixed to allow searching of full email address again in admin area (broken in a previous update)
* Fixed search by usergroup - blank usergroup passed in and user has no usergroup data was not omiting
* Fixed export items in admin ignoring filter and search
* Category search text moved out of functions file and into display items files in theme folder.
* Pulled category display code out of functions file and now in theme/includes/display_*.php format file(s) for easier customisation
* Removed "No Items Found" field from Add/Modify category - this can now be edited in theme/includes/display_*.php format file(s)
* Full PHP7 support
* cms.css now gets minified automatically
* Use current time for created_time and modified_time data on a duplicated product
* Added duplicate feature for category, article, subscription, coupon
* Fixed login to view order message showing on paynow page when already logged in
* Search phrase function now keeps underscores for email address searches
* New control bar buttons when modifying items
* Tidied up top of page when modifying items in admin
* When viewing item data now shows in popup window
* Email reminders can now be enabled/disabled on each subscription if enabled globally in config.php
* Fixed bug in myaccount.php that broke page layout for admins with readonly permission
* Category data now saves created_time and modified_time
* Category raw data can now be viewed in admin
* Select All button in admin now selects/deselects all instead of inverting selection
* Fixed serious bug in email address validation failing with leading/trailing spaces
* Added more safety checks to code when deleting items or categories
* Log files are now php instead of txt for more security
* Added Refresh, Print, Delete buttons to admin log page
* Logs now coloured green text on black to empahasise log data, with color coded warnings and errors
* Status setting added to categories - inactive categories
* Removed visibility setting on products and added new Inactive status
* Unpublished status renamed to Draft on articles - is inactive setting
* Inactive settings on categories, articles, products, listings now unlist item from catagories and 404 the detail page
* Updated coupons page and edit coupon page in admin
* Updated help docs
* Added some extra saftey code to recursive_remove_directory() function - checks for valid directory paths
* Moved all language files including admin to a language folder in the root cms directory cms/languages/en etc.
* Meta links to cms css files front-end and admin are now versioned with file modified timestamp (cached css now refresh automatically on update, updates css cached on cloudflare too)
* Can now edit an item on an order, no longer have to remove and re-add item
* Order item note is now multi-line
* Edit, cancel, and delete icons now used on order/invoice
* Fixed bug in myaccount area disabling fields when it shouldn't
* Updated cmsupdate file - new cms_data_version file in data folder for data version checking instead of cms_settings
* Fixed bug in modify_category when checking if category name already exists under the same parent category
* New install.txt file added to cms/data folder for detecting a fresh installation
* Many other fixes and improvements

General Discussion / Forum updated and now https secure
« on: July 09, 2019, 02:24:14 PM »
Forum has been updated to a newer version and is now also https secure. If anyone encounters any problems on the forum after these changes just let me know.

Some of the web design apps in the old poll have been discontinued so I decided to post this more up to date poll for 2019.  Poll only allows five options so if the web design software you use is not listed please feel free to post below.

So which software do you like to use when designing websites? Maybe you use more than one. There are a lot of cloud based web design apps these days but I prefer to use desktop software when designing sites and my current tools of choice are Xara Designer Pro and Coffee Cup Site Designer. Nicepage is another web design app I recently came across but I've not had the chance to try it yet.

General Discussion / CSS Frameworks
« on: March 28, 2019, 08:12:35 AM »
Over the past few months I've been exploring some of the popular CSS frameworks that are available out there at the moment. And really the two I've spent time with have been Foundation and Materialze but there are others too.

So what is a CSS framework?

Well if you're using a wysiwyg web design program like Xara Designer Pro or Xara Web Designer then you don't really need to worry too much about css frameworks as wysiwyg programs like these export their own vanilla flavour of css. The CSS is all handled automatically under the hood for you which is a huge time saver but sometimes you might see a fancy effect in use on some website and it might be using a framework to acheive the affect. Basically frameworks give a structured set of rules and methods for the css you use on your website and they come with some nice easy to add features like image carousels, image sliders, accordion menus, form controls, responsive layouts and a ton of other stuff. They also harness javasript for some of the features they offer. Basically though with a framework your not always building from scratch or re-inventing the wheel when working hands on with your website's CSS code and instead are using some preset building blocks and components.

So the reason I'm bringing this up here is because I've been going over on the CSS for the CMS so that it works in tandem better with any framework CSS you might decide to use or are already using. One of the core goals of XT-CMS has always been to allow the freedom to work with withever web design tool or method you choose to use whether that's a wysiwyg web design program, a CSS framework or even your own completely hand made designs.

So do you have a favourite framework? Do you even use one? Here's an article that sumarizes the popular css frameworks.

Support / Switching CMS from http to https mode
« on: January 03, 2019, 11:01:32 AM »
The CMS is set to use http:// by default on a fresh install but if you are using https:// on your website you will need to make the following changes for the CMS to work properly.

For the latest version 2.x do the the following:

In scripts/config.php manually set the cms_protocol to use either http:// or https://  - If you have a secure cert setup and active on your site set it to https://.

If it's a fresh install of the CMS then changing cms_protocol is all you will need to do. If you are changing cms_protocol on a site that already has pages and content you should do the following steps to reset the cache, page templates and update any existing links in content areas.

1. Go to Advanced -> Maintenance in the admin menu
2. Click Reset Page Templates
3. Click Reset Cache
4. Click Update Links

If you are using the sitemap feature you should also click Update Sitemap.

These steps should update existing pages, links and file references to the new protocol.

For older versions 1.9.x you will need to do the following

In scripts/config.php manually set the cms_root_url to use https:// in the address and make sure the line is uncommented by removing the two slashes at the stat of the line - see example below..

Code: [Select]
In the advanced configuration section of admin area make sure CMS URL and Website URL are also set with https in the addresses.

General Discussion / Forum software updated
« on: August 16, 2018, 10:33:42 PM »
Updated forum software to a newer version. Let me know if you encounter any problems.

Announcements / XT-CMS v1.9.3 Released
« on: May 04, 2017, 11:17:41 AM »
Version 1.9.3 of the cms has been released. This version includes the improvements and fixes listed below.

Download the latest version of XT-CMS

v 1.9.3

* Main admin can now change email address on a user account
* Fixed a bug when modifying a news article with a url slug
* Facebook og meta tags added for news detail pages and updated
* Added og:image:width and og:image:height to improve FB takeup of image
* New $page_start variable can be used to inject html code after <body> tag
* Tileicon URLs in template head code are now imported correctly
* Categories are no longer excluded from sitemap if they have listings and description hidden (as content on page template might be present)
* Modify category now checks mobile template (if present) for special content/image tags and adds them to "Assign to" dropdown for category images
* Testmode added for shipping options - shows to admin only
* Default countries selection added to admin checkout settings - listed at top of dropdowns
* Myaccount orders page now shows balance for each order
* New purchase order status option added for orders
* New pro-forma invoice status option added for orders
* An order with blank customer data will now display blank lines instead for printing/writing
* An order with no products will now display blank lines instead for printing/writing
* New option to change owner account on an order
* Meta description character limits in admin pages increased to 160
* Downloadable files can now be added to a category (PDF or ZIP)
* Added text to order notification emails indicating they are not confirmation of payment and login link
* Payment page text can now be edited in the cms: Admin -> Settings -> Payments
* Date and time can now be assigned to a product for event and booking type products and products can now be sorted by date
* Improvements to Modify Subscription page in admin area
* Remember Me checkbox added to login form on checkout page
* Fixed filter selection on users page in admin, added more filters and optimised order filters to process much faster
* Search phrase now supports quotes for exact match case-insensitive
* Search phrase functionality improved performance and accuracy
* Spam filter can now block messages that use particular character sets (specified in anti-spam.txt)
* Can now set a preview theme for admins only in scripts/config.php
* Added filter dropdown to filter orders in admin
* CMS config settings can now be overrridden by using theme config folder eg. mytheme/config/default.php
* Surname now displays blank instead of first name if users name is only one name and better handling of double barrel names
* countries.txt added to admin/includes - list of country codes and names that can be used with payment options etc.
* Updates to the Paypal payment option
* Updated template import to suport recent html export changes from Xara 365 (apr 2017)
* HTML when viewing raw item data in admin is no longer parsed/rendered
* New default system category 5 now used for related news articles
* Default system categories should now always be listed by id in admin categories page
* Lots of other various fixes and improvements

Announcements / v1.9.2 Released
« on: May 20, 2016, 09:46:57 AM »
A new version 1.9.2 of the cms has been released. This version includes the improvements and fixes listed below and is now compiled with ioncube (replacing SourceGaurdian) for better server compatibility. Most server php configurations include ioncube loaders by default so installation should be easier for most people. However if you have difficulty installing or require a Sourceguardian compiled version please contact us by email.

To download this latest version click here.

v 1.9.2

* Fixed: Email validation wasn't accepting tlds with more than 3 chars such as .info
* Anti-Spam: Corrected spam filter message on contact form - "too many instances of.."
* Anti-Spam: Name entered on registration page must now be less than 100chars
* Admin maintenance page now shows if cache is enabled or disabled
* Export orders to csv button added to admin orders page
* Default admin user group can now be fully edited like other custom usergroups
* Import now shows a preview of the data before importing (only products at the moment)
* Fixed Add to cart popup not showing on cached pages and related javascript now only included on pages if "add_to_cart" is in a content area
* New reserved friendly url added - myaccount - goes to myaccount/login page
* Added ioncube support
* Other minor inprovements

Announcements / v1.9.1 Released
« on: October 23, 2015, 10:20:57 AM »
A new version 1.9.1 of the cms has been released. This fixes a few issues from the recent 1.9 update.  To download this latest version log into your account or download the trial version from the cms demo/trial page.

v 1.9.1

* Friendly url parser is now case insensitive eg. "/MyPage/" will go to "/mypage/" instead of page not found
* Fixed bug that would not allow status to be change on a mailing
* Can now modify subject and body in a mailing as long as it has not completed sending
* Fixed shipping option zones_by_country was using billing country instead of delivery country
* Fixed delivery country field on checkout form could reset when going back to edit
* Fixed incomplete <tr> tag on checkout page
* Fixed balance amount shown in user account area was not taking part paid orders into account
* Fixed usergroup admin permissions not working
* Removed redundant modify links/column from users page - clicking name goes to same page

Announcements / v1.9.0 Released
« on: September 28, 2015, 01:41:27 PM »
A new version 1.9.0 of the cms has been released. To download this latest version log into your account or download the trial version from the cms demo/trial page.

v 1.9.0

* Default cms.css now sets max-width: 100%; height: auto; for content images (big images downsizing for mobile layouts)
* update_templates.php can now handle multiple _htm_files xara folders in the same theme folder (previously only one)
* Category image assigning added - now possible to assign different category images to different galleries, image placeholders or slider on the page template (only 1 slider per page template)
* New page template tag {image_z,x,y} for specific placing of category images on page templates, custom z to allow for multiple image placeholders per page
* New page template tag to display category images in table, custom mygalleryname to allow for multiple galleries per page {gallery_mygalleryname,catid,tnx,tny,cols}
* Slider page template tag changed to include custom slider name for consistency with image and gallery page template tags {slider_myslidername,catid,width,height} (only 1 slider per page template)
* New dropdown added beside images when modifying a category for assigning an image to an image tag or slider
* New page template tag {blank} which is simply replaced with nothing "" - can be used to prevent url/src changes when updating templates
* New special tag {category_name} can be used in url slug and is replaced with category name
* sort=price now supported in category advanced search filter
* Added ability to allow/deny admin add/modify on particular categories using new usergroup permission "Read/Write Selected"
* When adding a new category the url slug field will now automatically populate with the parent categories slug + {category_name}
* When adding a product or article the url slug field will now automatically populate with {category_name}
* All url slugs are now saved to a dedicated urlslugs.txt file which is used by the friendly url parser - this means when a slug is changed the old one will still work until old slugs are purged
* parse_friendly_url.php changed to work with urlslugs.txt with improved memory usage
* Button to purge old url slugs added to admin maintenance page - this rebuilds urlslugs.txt
* Added checks to see if a cached image is older than source image and updates it if so
* Added phar backup/restore methods as default if php version >= 5.3
* Security question moved from article settings to user settings in admin
* Security question is now used on registration page as well as posting comments form
* Product options now have individual modifiers for price, weight and volume
* Create renewal order button added to admin modify subscription page
* Overdue notice is now only shown on orders with unpaid status
* Invoice views now use the order date if set instead of the order created date
* "Login to view invoice" is no longer displayed on payment pages for cancelled or pending orders
* New shipping option shipping_by_country
* Payment options can now be set to Testmode (status 2) and will only be shown to main admin user for testing
* Added email template for orders with pending status
* Admin modify order no longer requires a phone number to be entered
* Payments can now be added to an order and are shown on invoice and the new balance due is used on paynow page
* Various other fixes and improvements

Support / Video Tutorial: Adding Images
« on: September 17, 2014, 12:04:27 PM »
This video shows different ways you can images to editable content areas in the cms.


Announcements / v1.8.1 released
« on: September 02, 2014, 02:58:13 PM »
A new version 1.8.1 of the cms has been released. To download this latest version log into your account or download the trial version from the cms demo/trial page.

v 1.8.1
* Now works with PHP 4.3 to 5.5
* New user group controls to set admin access levels
* Added new help documents and context help link to admin header (top-right of page)
* Welcome users-name text added to admin header and admin logout link also moved from side menu to header menu
* Product Qty when modifying order now allows float numbers
* Updated countries_list.txt
* Fixed coupon system bug when php register globals is on
* Log file now keeps last 2000 entries (increased from 500)
* Some minor text/link changes to my account area and change password link moved to settings page in my_account
* Fixed bug - order created date would use registered users created date
* New field added for product volume
* Removed unnecessary user data being included on new orders
* Fixed some bugs with shipping during checkout process
* Parse url script for friendly urls improved
* Cart contents are now retained after a user logout - only personal checkout details are cleared
* Bigger source images used in admin modify pages so they can now easily be dragged and used in content areas
* Code compatibility fix for php4 in update_templates.php
* Fixed add to cart popup issues with products with note form/file upload enabled
* Fixed issue with products and articles not displaying additional page_content areas
* Updated the search_default.php in default theme with more information on usage and search customizing
* Added duplicate product option on the admin modify product page
* Compatibility fixes for local testing on xampp / wamp
* Various other changes and fixes

Support / Adding Products Tutorial Video
« on: August 27, 2014, 02:56:06 PM »
I've uploaded a new tutorial video showing how to add products in the cms.


Support / MOVED: Navigation menu with indication of the active page
« on: August 25, 2014, 10:34:25 AM »
Topic moved to the xara board as it is specific to xara nav bars.

Using XT-CMS with Xara


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