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Will XT-CMS work with WYSIWYG Web Builder?

I use Xara 70% of the time and WWB 30%.  I am looking to adopt a CMS.  Would be nice to learn one CMS system that would work with both web building platforms.

SORRY - I see now that you reference that it does work with WWB.


Consider allowing multiple choices for the poll. 

I use Xara Web Designer for most sites.  I started using WYSIWYG Web Builder (WWB) about a year ago due to Xara not being able to handle the ecommerce solution, ecwid.com.  WWB also has some very nice extensions and does RWD a little better.  But I use Xara for a quick draft to show a client even if I am going to build it in WWB.  Xara is just so much faster to build a sample site.

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