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Title: XT-CMS v2.1.5 Released
Post by: xtom on May 07, 2020, 10:57:43 AM
A new version 2.1.5 of the CMS has been released. You can now choose http or https website protocol setting from the admin config page instead of having to edit the config file. It should also auto detect the appropriate setting for your website. This is more convenient and makes installations that little bit easier. Also added a new Theme page to admin area, go here to manually import theme files or to add/edit custom page code to your page templates.

To download the latest version click here (https://www.xt-cms.com/download/).

v 2.1.5
* {page_content} tags with non-alphanumeric characters are now ignored (underscores also allowed)
* cms_protocol is now set in admin config page and attempts to autodetect if not set - can still override from scripts/config.php
* Moved config page from main admin menu into settings menu
* New Theme page added to main admin menu - moved theme controls from config and maintenance pages to the new theme page
* Moved page code settings to new theme page in admin
* PHP Info moved from admin main menu to config page
* Increased content area font-sizes 10px to 13px
* Removed some unused files from plugins folder